Black  Pot  Catering

Remember the smells of walking into someones house where they had been cooking their special dish with all the loving and care to just bless you with a meal that delights the senses? Well if you could step in KD's kitchen while we are preparing the order for you, that's what it would be like. Chef KD prepares all the Louisiana Legends just for your event. All of our food is prepared just for you on the day of your event. NEVER do we use any MSG or flavor enhancers;  Just real food prepared in the family traditions that have made the culture of Louisiana something to bring you to great expectations just an aroma from the kithchen.


imagine that food quality delivered to you hot in to go boxes where you can serve your crew in a few minutes, a few examples are 2100 meals served on site in just 9 1/2 minutes, also 350 BBQ meals served in 40 degree weather where every box was STEAMING hot when opened by your appreciated employees.


One other standard Chef KD's has on boxed meals is NO COLD FOOD MIXED WITH HOT FOOD, we love to do our homemade potato salad or delicious Sensation Salad for you, but will not put it in the box with cooked food. Who wants to try to eat a hot soggy salad.